Team Katsu Ya / Salon CTI

Hiro and Josif Wittnik


2014 Winner: Best Appetizer

Hiroyuki Nakashima

Mr. Nakashima started learning the art of sushi in the mid 1970’s in his hometown of Fukuoka, Japan at his older brother’s restaurant. Although he got his bachelors degree in Accounting at the University of Fukuoka and had a career in Japan within the field, he always wanted to experience America. He traveled to America in 1979 to help out his best friend Seigo at Seigo’s Japanese Steakhouse in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Mr. Nakashima quickly became a hibachi chef and fell in love with America and has been here ever since.

For over 20 years, Mr. Nakashima has been serving the Fox Valley Japanese cuisine. He introduced Nakashima of Japan to Appleton in 1988, offering the first Sushi Bar north of Milwaukee. Although there were very few sushi followers at the beginning, Nakashima Sushi has grown into a culinary adventure that is experienced by hundreds a day here in the Fox Valley. Mr. Nakashima has a great passion for his country’s beloved and traditional cuisine and loves to share his culture with the people around him. Hiroyuki consistently experiments with new ingredients, techniques, and cultural styles to infuse into his dishes. Nakashima of Japan has grown into a family owned business with all four of his children helping out.

Josif Wittnik

Josif was born in the Fox Cities to parents who emigrated here from Germany. They were entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry. They could not speak nor write English when they arrived so their way of communicating was through their cuisine. They specialized, of course, in the finest home recipes of German food from their homeland.

A Hair Designer for 30 years, image consultant and educator Josif has experienced all areas of the beauty business. He is an owner at Salon CTI and Day Spa; The Salon Professional Academy and President of the non-profit organization Joy Rising Project.

Married to his best friend, Joy, and with two daughters and two beagles, he loves to travel along with Joy and stay current on all that is new in the industry. Their goal is to always bring new things to the community.

Josif’s flavor of cooking has graduated towards healthy, nourishing and meaningful for the body. Having a recent health issue himself, he has focused on the awareness he has gained to what the body needs as positive fuel.

And now LOOK OUT! As mentioned earlier, Josif is always wanting to share new experiences with anyone and everyone.

Always having a love for Asian food, and knowing that many people don’t have a fondness for sushi, Josif has teamed with a chef to create a positive experience with this specialty.