Chef Peter Kuenzi and Mary Schmidt and Mary Schmidt will be making an appetizer and it is sure to be delicious and very feisty! Chef Kuenzi attended the Culinary Institute of America and has a restaurant in Neenah known far and wide. Anyone whose website says for the love of food, for the love of good times gets thumbs up from us! His partners in this effort have considered several names for their duo to include Schmidt happens and We know our Schmidt! See what I mean- delicious and feisty!

Mary has always considered her primary role in life to be the CEO of her family pointing to the words of Jackie Kennedy “ if you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.” After many years of a successful marriage, three beautiful grown children and a wonderful grandchild, Greyson Matthew, who can argue? Along the way she has also served on the Boards of many nonprofits including CHAPS, The Emergency Shelter, and the St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Foundation, assisted in a variety of events, co-chairing St. Elizabeth’s Hollywood Gala and The Garden Walk of the Fox Cities Dinner. The event truly demonstrates Mary’s love for cooking and baking and her passion for her family and the community.

When Mary K. Schmidt, Owner/President Schmidt Communicates, realized there weren’t many openings for Barbara Streisand’s job, Mary Schmidt decided to graduate with a degree in journalism from UW-Madison. She is currently president of Schmidt Communicates, LLC, a public relations/marketing consulting firm with clients throughout Wisconsin. In addition to working in a variety of advertising and marketing positions for large corporations and consulting agencies, her background includes stints as a working journalist in the Madison and Green Bay markets. Schmidt is a member of the White Heron Chorale where she has been a singer and featured soloist; she also serves as the Chorale’s board president. She is a member of Appleton Downtown Rotary and currently serves as a board member for the St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation–where she is often confused with former board member Mary B. Schmidt. This confusion continued as Mary followed Mary on the board of the Women’s Fund for the Fox Valley. The two Mary Schmidts make certain they have each other’s email address to trade wrongly addressed mail!